Your iPhone the perfect accompaniment to romance

We’re pretty devoted to the iPhone here at iPhoneInStyle but we know there are other big things in life, like partners. The special day when we are all taxed for having love in our lives is just around the corner. We don’t believe Valentines Day needs to be a hassle or expensive, so we’ll be reaching for our iPhones to give us a helping hand. Here are five top ways you can use the iPhone to make sure February 14th goes off with the right sort of bang.

1) If you really can’t bring yourself to give a gift that isn’t practical, find a cute compromise. These Gorjuss iPhone sleeves  make a neat gift if you’ve managed to find your own Apple fangirl self and you can always drop heavy hints about her need for iPhone insurance. If you do feel soppy, you can always hide something small and shiny in the bottom of the sleeve or pick up a few Yankee Candles from the same site to help set the mood.

2) Been left to choose the restaurant and haven’t a clue where to start? Harden’s Restaurant Guide 2013 is available as an app on iTunes for £6.99 and should ensure you never hit a bum note with your choice of restaurant again.  If you are less out to impress and more concerned with avoiding food poisoning, Tripadvisor should have you covered.

3) If you want to make a special effort – or save some cash and avoid the crowds – there’s an app or two to help enhance your culinary flair, no matter how lacking. The free GoodFood app incorporates very simple step-by -step recipes and video tips or you could try and plan a pukka evening with the help of Jamies Recipes. The upside to this app is that you feel like Jamie is there supporting you in the kitchen, the bad news is that since January 10th a lot of the content is now only available to subscription holders and is no longer downloadable for a one-off fee.  Of course, if this all sounds like a lot of effort for a couple of courses, there’s always JustEat.

4) There’s more than one way to say I love you and using the words and melodies of more creative talented people is a great way to start. In the land before time you made a mixtape complete with scribbblings and handed it to your lover. The modern equivalent is to lovingly craft a Spotify playlist and share it with your girlfriend. Don’t forget to turn off sharing with Facebook or your secret Take That habit will be revealed.

One of the biggest winners on Valentines Day is unquestionably card shops. Whether you’ve simply forgotten to buy a card or you want to release your inner creativity and a whole lot of the colour pink the free Valentine Cam is worth a look. Not only can you use it to prepare a tailored Valentines message, you can also use it to record your special evening and make a personalised remembrance of it.

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