WorldCard Mobile App Review

The WorldCard Mobile App is excellent if youre in a job where you may have to do a lot of networking and meet a lot of new people. You can sometimes end up with a huge stack of business cards   from different people and either miss place them or have them taking up all the space in your wallet or purse, as you don’t want to go to the hassle of manually adding the details to your phone. The WordCard Mobile App from Penpower Inc goes a long way to solving this problem and really does what it says on the tin.

Main Features:

Superior recognition ability & faster recognition speeds
Data export to any contact group you choose
Rotates the image automatically if needed
Adds the contact data from the card into the correct fields automatically
Available in various languages including English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

WorldCard Mobile allows you to easily transfer all information from your business cards onto your iPhone with minimum effort. You simply use the camera function (you can either use saved photos already on your camera roll or use the camera option from within the WorldCard Mobile app) to take a picture of the business card and it then extracts all relevant data and adds the person into your contacts. You can of course edit the details as you see fit before adding to your contacts.

The App has recently been updated and the new version adds a number of useful features to an already very useful app.

Email Signature Capture – You can now also take the information from any email signature and automatically add it to your contacts.

Cardholder Feature – This allows you to easily group a selection of contacts to make it easier to navigate. (Colleagues, Clients etc)

Automatic Camera Shake Reduction & Improvement of Recognition Accuracy – The auto camera shake reduction along with the Improvement of Recognition Accuracy makes it a lot quicker and easier to capture the picture and info required correctly the first time around.

WorldCard Mobile App on iTunes

Official WorldCard Mobile App Page

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