What Can Users expect from iOS 6?


Last week, during the keynote of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Tim Cook, the CEO of the technology giant announced, amongst other things, the new Apple mobile operating system. iOS 6 will operate across the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and includes more than 200 new features.So what can users look forward to? Well, the following are just some of the highlights. To include all 200 plus developments would be difficult; but the following updates are currently making all the headlines.


3D Maps

The long standing partnership between Apple and Google with their maps has ended. On iOS 6, users can expect an all-new maps application enlisting the help from some big players in the mapping industry, including TomTom and C3. Users can now benefit from 3D images as well as turn-by-turn directions.


Enhanced Functionality with Siri

The virtual assistant, Siri, has received a touch up, adding a greater number of functionalities. You’ll now be able to ask for sports scores and fixtures. You can also reserve a table at a restaurant and find local movie listings. Furthermore, you’ll now be able to launch apps, just with a simple voice command – genius. On iOS 6, Siri will also function in a number of new languages, such as Spanish, French and Italian.


Facebook and Twitter Integration

Within iOS 6, the Facebook integration rivals that of what iOS 5 achieved with Twitter. What this means for the user is that you can update any of your social networks with a simple click of the button. You can also find shortcuts to the social networks within the Notifications Centre. Within your accounts, your Facebook and Twitter will be synced, enabling you to see your contact’s profile pictures and their birthday dates too. You’ll also have a link next to each contact within your address book to send them a direct message.



New for iOS 6, Passbook is ‘for the stuff you pocket’. For things like boarding passes, tickets, coupons, as well as store cards, you no longer have to carry these with you. With Passbook you can store digital copies of the aforementioned documents. As and when you select these documents, they will appear on screen as a code which can be scanned wherever you may find yourself – at the airport, coffee shop or concert for example. What’s really cool about Passbook is that it’s time and location sensitive, so if the date of your concert or flight is nearing, it can notify you of upcoming events and will also tell you where you need to be.


Tighter Restrictions

Apple have come under criticism in the past, both from users and government officials for the way that apps were gathering information on users. For example, earlier in the year Path was found to have been uploading user’s information to its servers, without the user’s permission. However, the Data Privacy section of the new iOS 6 release notes indicates that Apple will now require that applications obtain the user’s permission before accessing personal data such as calendars, contacts and photos.

With more than 200 new features, there is a great deal more to speak of with iOS 6. There is still a little wait though; users won’t get to start using it until autumn 2012. We’ve no doubt a large number of you are counting down the days already – not long to go now.


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