Treat your special lady

From handy apps to stress busting games, iPhones have made our lives a lot easier. The traditional minefield of buying Christmas gifts for wives and girlfriends has even been simplified. You don’t even need to be iPhone owner to reap the benefits, as long as your partner has one, then there are loads of cool accessories that you can get her to accompany it.

Lark Silent Un-Alarm Clock and Sleep Sensor

This clever, comfortable wristband’s first function is to work like a traditional alarm clock that will gently wake your partner up at the time set the alarm on her iPhone, even if the phone’s battery dies. It will also records her sleeping patterns, shows her how well she’s slept and even give her hints and tips on how she can get a better night’s sleep. Hopefully one of these won’t be you moving to the sofa.

Apple TV

With Apple TV, your significant other will have access to a huge library of movies on her iPhone that she can watch on the TV through her phone. The great gadget also allows you to show whatever you’re streaming on your iPhone on the TV, so the days of huddling round a 4 inch screen to watch the latest hit clip on YouTube are over.

Joby Gorillapod

If your partner is into photography then the Joby Gorillapod is the gift for her. The three legged stand will help your girlfriend or wife to get the most out of the inbuilt camera on the iPhone. The clever cam-enhancer not only works like a regular camera tripod, it has opposable, bendy legs, meaning that you can securely attach it to loads of different surfaces; a table, a car, the dog.

ThinkGeek Keyboard

The digital keyboard on the iPhone saves space and allows the gadget to be one of the sleekest phones on the market. However, the touch screen can be a bit fiddly, especially during winter when it can’t be used through ordinary gloves. The ThinkGeek Keyboard changes all this, the analogue keyboard clips onto the phone and connects via Bluetooth, meaning that your other half will be able to text you even when it’s cold. It even has its own rechargeable battery.

Online Magazine Subscription

Why not treat your loved one to an online subscription to her favourite magazine. With an online subscription, she can download the mag directly to her iPhone and read it anywhere and anytime.

iPhone case from Avenue 32

IPhones are notoriously shatter-proof, however, an iPhone case can help it to be a little more robust. There is a wide range of great designs of iPhone cases available at Avenue 32. As well as adding some much needed protection they’ll give your partner’s iPhone an individual look.


Bumpers are a low cost, low impact alternatives to a fully blown cover. The colourful wraps go around the edge of the phone to create a layer of rubberised protection while still leaving the iPhone with its trademark silhouette.

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