Top five most useful apps for students

Technology has had a huge impact on student life, and access to many materials for study is now available via the internet and not just from the university or college library. Books now come in electronic format as well as traditional hard copy and can be quickly downloaded to a range of devices, including laptops, kindles and mobile phones. There are a number of apps specifically geared towards education and those detailed below are the top five for students.


This is an ideal app for use at lectures and seminars, allowing students to record audio, make notes using video or text and create copies of handouts or slides. Such material can then be shared with fellow students using iTunes and Facebook. Available for iPhone and iPad, this is a free app, so the best possible value. There’s also a free Android app for recording only, called Voice Recorder.

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Most students like to use a computer as well as their smartphone or tablet, as a larger screen is essential for some tasks. An app that can allow a mobile phone to gain remote access to a computer is therefore a particularly useful tool. Essentially, Splashtop Remote Desktop allows students to use their Mac or PC via another device, regardless of where they are. Available for Android, BlackBerry and iOS, they can access files or software on their desktops via their smartphone. This is free to owners of an ASUS Transformer.

Being permanently short of cash can be a bore, but there are now some great things available for smartphones, such as a pay as you go sim card, that can help students to budget. A good app to help keep the finances organised, is free for iPhone and iPad and allows students to track their spending, manage budgets and handle multiple accounts at once. A secure four-digit PIN protects the app and in case a phone is lost or stolen, it can be deactivated via the web page.

iStudiez Pro

Once the finances have been organised, what about the rest of the schedule of student activities, classes and time off? iStudiez Pro is a sophisticated student’s planner available for iPhone, iPad and Mac. There are lots of ingenious, helpful features so that assignments can be tracked and reminders posted, plus, data can be stored and shared via Cloud Sync.

Amazon App Store

A free app for Android, this is a great way to get even more apps for free. Amazon App Store allows users to download a paid app every day, absolutely free of charge, so whether looking to play music, games or get hold of an office suite it’s possible to build up a sizeable collection of apps over time. This is a bonus for students looking for a way to get top class apps that would normally cost quite a bit, without breaking the bank.

There are versions of most of the best apps available for every type of smartphone, and it makes sense to read the reviews when making a choice, so as to spend as little money as possible and still get the best deal that is available.

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