Top Five iPhone Apps for a Used Car Search

Using mobile technology makes searching for used cars in the UK so much simpler and cost-effective than in days gone by. Use your used car app for iPhone to conduct your test drive preview and save on fuel and temporary insurance costs while minimising aggravation and disappointment. Just a few of the helpful phone apps available are listed below.

1. iPhone App phone app is understandably the UKs top used car phone app. Program in your preferred car type, fuel economy, maintenance and operating costs or engine type and scan among almost 150,000 second hand cars for sale from

You can review each vehicles safety rating, age and mileage and even the number of prior owners, all compliments your smartphone.

2. eBay Motors iPhone App

Just launched the last week of June 2012, finding second hand cars for sale on eBay Motors has never been easier: You can shop from anywhere with this smartphone app. You can find vintage cars, fuel-efficient commuter cars, family cars and even high-end luxury models with this new app. You might opt to bid on the most popular models or find a Porsche or two as well. Set your parameters and see whats available today. Place your bid before your chosen used car is sold to someone else.

3. Autotraders iPhone App

Newly advanced to include a vehicles history and a new save option that can be synched across your iPhone, your iPad and your PC, Autotraders iPhone app still allows you to read others opinions and reviews on used cars.

Find used auto dealers near you with the locator function. Review the specifications for your targeted autos as well. Autotraders mobile app melds convenience and functionality together seamlessly.

4. Parkers iPhone App

Check pricing on the model you are considering. Dont overpay when another seller has your car for less.

5. NICarfinder iPhone App

Targeting Northern Ireland, this used car app can list the distance to the vehicle and even provide a map. Check by make, model, price, mileage and other options.

Choose your favourite iPhone app for second-hand cars in and around the UK. Dont overpay for undervalued cars again.


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