Top 5 useful iPhone apps for everyday life

Apple iPhone users quickly find that their mobile phone is so versatile that it becomes an intimate part of their everyday life something they can’t manage without. The Apple App Store and its provision of applications that can extend the functionality of the iPhone in a huge number of ways, enhances this perception. There really is an app for just about anything you can think of and the list is growing, as developers come up with weird and wonderful, as well as just plain useful ideas.

Many of these apps have been so successful because they can make the average user’s life a whole lot easier. Alarms and traffic updates are things that everyone has a practical use for, and there are others available that provide information about the best shows in town, along with many other practical uses. A lot of these apps are completely free, but even the ones that aren’t, are very affordable, making iPhone deals all the more attractive.

Alarm Clock Pro

An alarm clock is the logical place to start on any list of useful apps. The traditional sort has always sounded an unpleasant noise to get you out of bed or remind you about an appointment. However, Alarm Clock Pro is fully customisable and the user interface is particularly attractive, displaying not only the time but also the current and expected weather conditions you will be facing during the day.


This app makes an attractive and handy alternative to a memory stick. You can use it to store files from your PC at home that you have been working on and then to download them onto your machine at the office. This app is a convenient use of the new ‘cloud’ system of file storage, and you can also use it to share your files with colleagues, enhancing productivity and team collaboration.


One of the pleasures of office life is taking a break from if for some lunch. Often these days it is difficult to find the time to go and buy some, so this app is especially useful if you are pressed for time and feel peckish. Snapfinger can be used to conduct a search for available food outlets in the area that provide a takeaway service. Simply place the order and receive the delivery at your office.


This is a really cool app that will assist you in finding a good location to meet with friends or colleagues, for instance after work, and will even send out the invitations. You tell the app where you are and it searches for an appropriate venue, then it sends the locale and directions along with the invitation through emails to the intended guests. Integrated Yelp reviews assist the app with which venues to avoid and which to prioritise, so you will never find yourself in a second-rate establishment.


This great little app actually lists the best shows on TV in a particular timeslot. This is great if you don’t want to have to trawl through all the available channels. Also, you can use it to identify pieces of music when listening to them. You can also share views about current TV show episodes across social networks as they are being broadcast, making watching TV a very social event.

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