Top 5 iPhone Gadgets for the Office

Relive the good old days of corded handsets with this iPhone-turn-desktop phone! Simply plug-in your mobile to the dock and use as normal. Pick up the receiver, dial a call and even use hands-free! The useful docking station means you can continue with office tasks whilst making video calls and use your iPhone as normal (internet, calendar, etc.) during a call. The Desktop Phone iPhone gadget is available from Gizoo for £16.95.


To play your favourite music at your desk you must check out these amazing mini speakers. The new-and-improved X-mini Capsule Speaker comes with hidden audio cable, on-device volume control and is just small enough to keep in your pocket or hidden from the boss. The new cap lid design improves audio quality for pitch-perfect sound and it is available from Amazon for £11.24.


Play the technologically advanced version of I Spy with the remote room monitor from iZON. If you want to snoop who is stealing food from the fridge, find out who is printing non-work related documents or what the boss really gets up to when you’re not looking then this handy iPhone gadget is for you. Simply place the camera device on a flat surface, position the camera where you want to see and login to your account (via your mobile) to stream and record live audio and video from the comfort of your desk! Available from Firebox for £99.95.


Instead of placing a photo of your darling loved-ones on your desk, take their picture and save it as your phone background instead! This wooden phone frame charges and holds your iPhone at the same time, with space at the back for connecting your charger to the socket. The frame is suitable for both vertical and horizontal positions and is available from A White Room for £17.



Download documents, photos and contracts onto your iPhone and print them off as you need them! The no-fuss iPhone printer from Photo Cube charges your mobile whilst it prints! The printer is also compatible with iPads, iPods, tablets and selected Android devices and produces quality prints no computer required.

The printer outputs 4” x 6” images onto waterproof paper which reduces scratches, dust and fingerprint marks. Users can also print 4 or 10 smaller images to a single sheet; ideal for passport and driving licence shots.

Printing in under a minute, all you need to do is plug it in, dock your iPhone and print away! Available from Camera King for £69.95.



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