Top 5 Free Music Apps

Our smartphones are powerful entities. Not only do they hold the ability to store all of our contacts and messages, they also have the capability to tell us if our train is running on time, find the nearest ATM and allow us to control our social media profiles from the palm of our hands. But of course, the ability to perform magic tricks such as these wouldnt at all be possible without the help of apps.

With thousands of apps available for download on all smartphones, tablets and even budget friendly notebooks, there’s an app for every person’s individual hobbies, tastes and likings. And, music apps are the perfect example to this.

Rather than just sticking to the music player that already came installed on your smartphone’s interface, the world of apps holds the key to plenty of great utilities that can cater to your own personal music preferences.
So, whether you like pop, indie, RnB, or are simply open to new music suggestions, here are 5 top free music apps that’ll help to do just that. 

1. Band of The Day

Sick of listening to the same old, mainstream songs, and want to hear something completely innovative and fresh? Well, Band of the Day offers exactly that. With iTunes hailing it as ‘the world’s first daily music magazine for mobile devices’, the app reveals a new, upcoming artist and their debut song for you to listen to, every day of the month. What were you saying about that new band and their amazing new song? You heard about them months ago…

2. Shazam

“What’s the name of that song again?” It’s often a pet-bug of many; hearing a tune but can’t figure out who sings it or what the title is. By holding your phone up to the tune of a track for 10 seconds, Shazam will identify the song and will also take you to an online store where you can purchase it. Handy, hey?

3. is one of the most popular music apps out there, which allows you to listen to all of your favourite tracks, whilst working to provide you with further music recommendations according to your taste. By creating playlists, it also allows you to track what your friends have been listening to, tag tracks, find new songs and also share them with other members of the community. A must-have and extremely useful app for all music-lovers out there.


The TuneWiki app is a great tool for those karaoke-lovers who like a good sing-a-long to their favourite songs.  It allows you to listen to any song whilst scrolling the lyrics across your smartphone – handy if you aren’t too sure what the last line of that chorus is!

It also lets you share lyrics from your favourite songs to your social media profiles, translates all lyrics into 40 different languages, as well as allowing to connect with other users by letting you see what other songs are being played.

5. Anthem Music Videos
Want to see the video to your favourite song, or haven’t seen the video for the chart’s number one yet? Anthem music video works in a similar way to’s audio device, but for videos, by pulling videos straight from YouTube. Easy to search for, manage and save, the app is a great way to find your favourite videos, as well as finding new ones you’ve not seen before.

This article was written by Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer. Ella specialises in providing engaging technology and gadget information to other users. 

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