Top 10 Free iPhone Apps

There are hundreds of thousands of apps now available for the iPhone and iPad, with many of the best apps available to download for free. When it comes down to the top 10 free iphone apps im sure everyone has a difference of opinion. So if you feel I have missed any out please feel free to add a comment with your top 10 free apps. I have put this list together mainly based on the apps I use almost on a daily basis:

1. Dropbox
The Dropbox app for iPhone really is a great example of a very useful free app. There are a number of apps available that will allow you to transfer, view and edit files between your computer and your iPhone but in my opinion dropbox is the most straightforward and user friendly, and the best part of course…. it’s free! You simply add the files into your dropbox folder on the computer and then use the dropbox iphone app to access, edit, download or view your files from your iPhone.

2. Facebook
Let’s face it you can’t go more than a few hours without checking out what’s happening on Facebook, and this great free app makes it so simple. You can quickly and easily get access to the most commonly used areas like your notifications and news feed. As well as being able to quickly see who else is online.

3. Skype
The iPhone Skype app is another essential download. It’s nice and easy to use and allows you to make free skype calls all over the world to other users via iPhone or computer.

4. Bing
Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine has already overtaken Yahoo as the number 2 search engine. The Bing app allows you to quickly search for whatever you are looking for, and you can also search using voice recognition.

5. toptable
The toptable app allows you to make free bookings for every featured restaurant on It can also quickly find restaurants near your current location and features reviews and special offers from thousands of restaurants. A must for every food lover!

6. Movies
The Flixster Movie app is a must and is great for quickly checking out cinema times when you are out and about. It searches by your location and provides with details on film times, and cinema screenings nearby. If you already know what you want to see you just select the film and check the times for your local cinema. The Movies app also offers reviews and film trailers from all available movies.

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  1. tony says:

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  2. William F. Aponte says:


    What a great list. I am always on the look for top lists, and your list is great starting point. Lists are very useful.

    I found your blog from bing. Really Great article.

    Will visit again.

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