The new iPad vs. the iPad 2 – Which is the iPad for You?

If you’re an Apple fanatic it can be hard to resist immediately upgrading to the latest product: every new Apple product released is faster, slimmer and more beautiful than the last. When the iPad 2 hit the shelves the world went nuts and the new iPad has experienced this exact same phenomenon. So what are the key differences between the two tablets and which is the one for you?

The New iPad starts at £399 for its black 16gb model, up to £559 for its 64gb model in Wifi only, while for 3G capability you’ll be paying £499 and £659 depending on its storage size. The iPad 2, meanwhile, is now only sold new in its 16gb form in Wifi only for £329 and Wifi and 3G for £429. If cost is a factor, the iPad 2 will be a winner every time, saving you £100 in every size variation, but if you’re more concerned about features than price then read on.

For those who are addicted to visuals, there can be no contest: the new iPad wins hands-down. With a stunning new retina display which is sharp, bright and with richer colours than its predecessor. If you’re thinking about using your iPad for just about anything visual (and most people do, whether it’s videos, photos or apps) then the retina display might just be enough to sway you.

However, this glorious high-resolution viewing comes at a cost: the new iPad’s battery life is significantly shorter than the iPad 2’s. In tests conducted by retail giant PCWorld, the iPad 2’s battery was found to last two hours longer than the new iPad when playing video constantly.

You’ve heard the phrase “size doesn’t matter”, but when it comes to digital storage it most certainly does. The iPad 2 is only available in its 16gb version, so if you think you’re going to need more room than that you have no choice but to upgrade to the new iPad.

However this tenet also applies in reverse: the new iPad is heavier than the iPad 2 and although the difference looks negligible on paper it makes a big difference when you have to cart it around all day.

The right iPad for you will depend largely on your usage, but whichever you choose you know you will be picking up one of the best, and most beautiful and efficient, tablets of the market.

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