The Best Wallpaper Apps for the iPhone

There are a number of decent quality wallpaper apps available for the iPhone. More recently there has been an influx of HD wallpaper apps for the iPhone due to the retina HD display capabilities of the iPhone 4. I have tried a number of wallpaper apps that are available from the iTunes app store, some free and some paid and wanted to give my recommendations on the best ones out there. First off I would say there is really no need to pay for a wallpaper app as there are a number of very high quality free ones which far outshine the paid wallpaper apps. The best one by some distance is the WallpapersHD app from Kappboom. It offers a huge database of the highest quality HD wallpapers across a whole range of subjects, from sports to fantasy, computing to animals pretty much all subjects are covered. WallpapersHD is also updated on a daily basis with a number of new wallpapers being added constantly. When browsing the wallpapers you get 3 rows of 3 that fill your screen. You can choose to sort them by Popular or New and you simply swipe to move onto the next page. You can also filter by category or use the search function to search by keyword. Once you find one you like you simply download from the app to your camera roll then set as the background and/or lockscreen. The best part of the WallpapersHD app? Its free! Even though I would be more than happy to pay the going rate for an app of this quality the fact that its free really cements its place at the top of the list for me.

Another quality wallpaper app for the iPhone is iWallpapers Free, which as you may have guessed is also free. Again it runs a similar interface to the WallpapersHD app, showing available wallpapers on screen as thumbnails and also allowing you to view full screen slideshows. Again iWallpapers has new content added daily and has a good number of pre-defined categories and over 160,000 wallpapers in their database which is increasing every day. If you download these two apps theres really no need to have any others, they both have something to suit everyone and youre unlikely to get through all the available wallpapers any time soon! Please feel free to suggest any others you think are worth a mention in the comments.

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  1. iPhoneglance says:

    I personally think that jailbreaking your iPhone will allow you to get some of the best wallpaper around.

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