The Best Games to Play on your iPhone

The world is a changing place where a phone is no longer just for making and receiving calls; it’ an organiser, a watch and, the iPhone in particular, is becoming a great platform for playing games. You can still command a good price if you sell an iPhone 3GS in favour of the newer versions to get the most advanced apps. There are some really entertaining titles out there to play on the iPhone that use the touch screen and tilt features of the popular device to excellent effect.

Flick Kick Football

Flick Kick Football is football but without all the dribbling, running and passing. The aim of the game is simple enough, you have to flick the stationary ball into the goal past a goalkeeper and a varying number of defenders. It starts off easy but it soon starts getting harder as the number of defenders increase and the angle gets tighter. You can spend a lot of time on Flick Kick, but none of it is wasted time, it’s just enhanced time.

Moto x mayhem

This is one of the most addictive games on the iPhone. The motorbike based game has nice, uncomplicated graphics and fun gameplay that makes full use of the touch screen accelerometer features on the iPhone. The idea of the game is that you race your way from one side of a course to the other in the quickest time possible. However, the creative courses range in difficulty and some obstacles will leave you stumped. But if you get bored of racing around, you can always just pick up your rider and chuck him about the course.

Bag It

Admittedly, packing shopping items into a paper bag doesn’t sound that exciting; however, Bag It is surprisingly compelling and extremely addictive. It’s a puzzle game with a twist, where you have to fit as many items into a shopping bag as possible, without crushing any of them. There are lots of levels and awards to unlock that keep you playing and keep you coming back for more. The fun graphics make for a great all round game.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat

One of the classic fighting games of all time makes the switch to the iPhone platform seamlessly. The title on has all 16 arenas and all 23 players, making it the most complete version of Mortal Kombat available on the iPhone. The game also has a great multiplayer option so you can fight with your friends, just like the old days on the Sega Megadrive. Also just like the old days is the gruesome finish him scene that is still there today.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds was one of the original hits on the iPhone and it’s still going strong, years after its initial release. Although there are other versions available now, the gimmick free original is the best. It has great cartoony graphics and there are tons of levels to unlock. The gameplay is brilliant too, easy enough to get the hang of straight away but detailed enough to allow you to develop your own personal technique for firing the angry birds at the pesky pigs.

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