The All In Yoga App

When Im at home, I am very consistent with going to yoga classes at least twice a week. However, Ive been travelling a lot lately. Ive been experimenting with various iPhone apps to help me maintain my routine and stay fit while I cant attend my classes. The All In Yoga App is currently my favourite iPhone yoga app. I tend up to mess up the form of certain poses when I dont have my instructor to correct me, so the photos and video instructions help me make sure Im doing it right. I also like the feature that designs a program for me. It creates a program catered to my goals and abilities. This keeps things challenging and fresh. Its definitely miles ahead of the other yoga apps that Ive tried.

There are a few good yoga apps around, but most of them are way too expensive. I was hoping for some better offerings that were less pricey. Most of the cheap or free apps are pretty useless.

ChickChakra was nice looking, but didnt give me the amount of technical information and form help that I was looking for. Yoga Positions Pocket Book had good information, but it was all just regurgitated from Wikipedia. Surya Namaskar was just plain annoying. A lot of the apps are very relaxing and have nice music, but dont offer much in terms of instruction.

There are also a lot of apps that are just compilations of videos that I could have found on YouTube. There were no other apps that I found that offer the level of customization and detailed instructions that All In Yoga has.

The All In Yoga App is definitely my favourite iPhone yoga app by far. I cannot recommend it enough for people who want to practice yoga at home or on the go. At 99 cents, it is a bargain compared to most of the other feature-heavy yoga apps. It completely blows away all of the other apps in its price range. Once my form gets more consistent, I might even save the money and just use it instead of going to my classes.

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