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5 Great Apps for a Music Festival

Many people pride themselves on the amount of festivals theyre able to attend each year and there are many online communities and sites where music-lovers get together and head off to gigs all around the country. In todays technologically-advanced world,

WallpapersHD app

The Best Wallpaper Apps for the iPhone

There are a number of decent quality wallpaper apps available for the iPhone. More recently there has been an influx of HD wallpaper apps for the iPhone due to the retina HD display capabilities of the iPhone 4. I have


Cut the Rope Holiday Gift

Chillingo, the creators of Cut the Rope have released a Christmas edition called Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift. The new version contains much of the same seriously addictive puzzle solving fun that has made the original such a huge

thetrainline iphone app

Newly Updated iPhone App from thetrainline

The good people at thetrainline recently contacted me with regard to their newly updated iPhone App. I’ve long been a fan of thetrainline’s iPhone app, not least because it’s free (yes National Rail – I’m looking at you) and we all


Top 10 Free iPhone Apps

There are hundreds of thousands of apps now available for the iPhone and iPad, with many of the best apps available to download for free. When it comes down to the top 10 free iphone apps im sure everyone has