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Cut the Rope Holiday Gift

Chillingo, the creators of Cut the Rope have released a Christmas edition called Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift. The new version contains much of the same seriously addictive puzzle solving fun that has made the original such a huge

WorldCard Mobile

WorldCard Mobile App Review

The WorldCard Mobile App is excellent if you're in a job where you may have to do a lot of networking and meet a lot of new people. You can sometimes end up with a huge

thetrainline iphone app

Newly Updated iPhone App from thetrainline

The good people at thetrainline recently contacted me with regard to their newly updated iPhone App. I’ve long been a fan of thetrainline’s iPhone app, not least because it’s free (yes National Rail – I’m looking at you) and we all


Best iPhone Travel Apps

iPhone travel apps are fast becoming the most popular type of app. Almost everyone has a use for them, whether you’re a sportsman, a tourist or a hiker. Travel apps can help you out with unlimited and quick information, or

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle iPhone App

The Sleep Cycle app has recently gained hugely in popularity and taken the iPhone world by storm, taking the number one paid app spot in countries like Germany and Russia. The main reason for this is that the sleep cycle