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5 Great Apps for a Music Festival

Many people pride themselves on the amount of festivals theyre able to attend each year and there are many online communities and sites where music-lovers get together and head off to gigs all around the country. In todays technologically-advanced world,


Mobile Apps Development with Google Play

How does the Google Apps Store work (for both uploading and downloading apps)? To purchase a paid app, or to download a free one from the Google Apps Store (now Google Play) all you need do is find that app

pdf reader pro

PDF Reader Pro App Review

For anyone who wants to read, view, download, edit or create PDFs, PDF Reader Pro is an excellent application for IOS devices. Its connectivity includes WiFi and direct iCloud access making files easy to reach. Features for ease of use

meetme app

Top 5 useful iPhone apps for everyday life

Apple iPhone users quickly find that their mobile phone is so versatile that it becomes an intimate part of their everyday life something they can’t manage without. The Apple App Store and its provision of applications that can extend

WallpapersHD app

The Best Wallpaper Apps for the iPhone

There are a number of decent quality wallpaper apps available for the iPhone. More recently there has been an influx of HD wallpaper apps for the iPhone due to the retina HD display capabilities of the iPhone 4. I have