Stretch Your Christmas Budget Responsibly With a Little Tech Help

As the Christmas holiday period draws ever near, many Britons worry that they will struggle to make ends meet and find enough money in the bank account to cover that never ending list of presents. Since it is better to be safe than sorry, why not start looking into the best ways to stretch your budget this Christmas? Whether you are looking to fund your Christmas purchases with a personal loan or even considering a cash advance loan to cover the cost of that huge turkey and all the trimmings heres a couple of handy iPhone apps to help you manage your budget effectively and make the most of your money.


There are a few apps out there that help get track of your spending and Expensify is one of the best. Its user friendly interface and ease of use makes it much less of a chore to keep track of youre spending. You can sync your current account and any other bank accounts you may have along with your credit cards so you can check out exactly where all your spending is going. You can also scan in receipts for cash purchases to ensure you are keeping track of all outgoings. With the ability to manually enter other expenses and correct any errors Expensify is a must have in your quest to get control over your spending at Christmas and throughout the year.

Savings Goals

Once you have a handle on your expenses and you can see where all the money is going it makes it much easier to cut down on unnecessary or over indulgent purchases. It makes sense then at that point to sit down and work out realistic savings goals, whether you are looking to put aside money for Christmas 2013 or maybe even a second holiday throughout the year. The Savings Goals app from Logging Apps is a simple but effective tool to help set realistic savings targets over weeks, months or even years. With Savings Goals you can create a savings schedule which will forecast when you need to add to your savings and how much to reach your desired goal.

Having these two apps in your pocket should really help you get a grip on spending this Christmas as well as making sure you are as prepared as you can be for Christmas 2013. It will be here before you know it!

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