Setting up your iPhone for business

An iPhone is a superb business tool and the increasingly wide variety of apps available for all types of device make business functions much easier and quicker, especially when away from home or the office.

Setting up an iPhone for business use involves ensuring that the smartphone is integrated with existing networks and operations, that the data is protected and that connections are secure; then it is just a case of selecting the right apps to provide the services that are needed.


For business purposes, iPhone offers built-in support for certain technologies that enable it to integrate smoothly within a company’s existing infrastructure. This means that secure access is available to contacts, calendar and email programs using Exchange ActiveSync, or one of the open standard platforms such as CardDAV, CalDav or IMAP.

To connect to a private business network, iPhone users can use SSL VPN, IPSec and WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi. For security purposes, iPhone makes use of hardware data encryption and there is a remote facility to wipe settings and data in case a phone is lost or stolen – this immediately disables it and protects all the stored information.

Essential apps

Skype is a free app that allows users to make voice and video calls over a Wi-Fi connection or a 3G network free of charge to other Skype users. This is a popular business network and many professional associates already use it, so it’s ideal as a business app.

Another good connection tool is LinkedIn, which has a huge worldwide membership of professionals all keen to make contacts, stay in touch with the latest industry developments and engage in groups where members share professional areas of interest. This is an ideal way to share content with like-minded people in a professional environment; it also has a useful recruitment element in addition to networking opportunities.

For document and file handling, Office Suite is a great package that comes in two versions: Documents To Go and Documents To Go Premium. Depending on the version chosen, Word, Excel and even PowerPoint documents can be viewed and edited, including those stored in Dropbox, Google Docs, iDisk, SugarSync and

Logmein in an excellent program for converting an iPhone to become a remote control for a Mac or PC. A quick installation on a laptop or desktop computer via a broadband connection, followed by downloading the app onto an iPhone, will allow remote access to applications, controls and files on the desktop from wherever the iPhone happens to be.

Home broadband

Many professionals spend part of their time working from home and this is where home broadband speed can make a difference in terms of how efficient their computer or iPhone actually is. To avoid disappointments with slow downloads, interruptions to service and frustrating interludes when connections are slow, it’s best to opt for the fastest broadband speed available that suits projected levels of use.

Sky’s broadband speed test is helpful for establishing the speed of a broadband connection in a household, which will then be affected by the number of users, the level of downloads, streaming and the general use required to deal with business as well as domestic purposes.

An iphone can be an excellent and highly valuable tool then for business use, with benefits ranging from staying connected to the office to global communication. It is important to download the most suitable apps to match your business needs in order to make the most of the iPhone for professional life.




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