Powermat Review iPhone 3G / 3GS Bundle

I have been using the Powermat receiver case and charging mat for a couple of weeks now and wanted to share my opinions on it. This is a product that had been looking at for a while but was put off by what I thought at the time was an over inflated price. So you can imagine how pleased I was when the nice people at Powermat sent me one for free to try out.

Once I got my hands on the package the first impressions were good. It comes very well packaged along with the exact contents and simple instructions on the back. Included in the bundle is the iPhone 3G / 3GS receiver case, Powermat (specifically for the iPhone 3G / 3GS), mini USB cable and power supply unit along with a US to UK adapter as the power supply is US (an issue I will cover further on). This is a good solution for me at the moment as I’m only using one device with the Powermat, however if you have 2 or more devices that you intend to use then you would be better of buying separate received cases and getting one of the larger mats such as the Home Office mat, which allows you to charge up to 3 devices at once.

The receiver case comes in 2 parts, which you slide over the bottom and top of the iPhone and has a square receiver on the back which receives the power from the mat. The case is very solid and has a nice soft rubber feel to it which makes it easy to grip. The case is similar in size to many of the other Power skins available such as the MiLi. The case also has convenient gaps for all the function buttons. One issue is that the case inserts into the charging slot on the iPhone so you can’t use a dock with your phone while the case is on. Obviously how often you use a dock will determine how much of an issue this is. Thankfully the case has a micro USB slot so you can use the cable supplied with the bundle to sync to your PC. It’s worth noting that the case does not protect the iPhone screen so you will need to get a screen protector to do the job. Overall I’m really impressed with the case. I find the iPhone is actually easier to use and grip with the case on, and it also seems very durable – I dropped it on to a solid concrete floor from about 6ft and it’s still in one piece with no sign of damage to case or iPhone (Do not try this at home! If you do I take no responsibility for any damage caused).

Onto the actual Powermat, it is a simple square shape with a slight indent where you place your iPhone on to begin charging. You simply plug it in, place the mat on a flat surface and away you go. When the iPhone is placed onto the mat it lights up and makes a sound to indicate that it is functioning correctly. That’s really all there is to it. The only thing that I wasn’t so happy about was the US – UK adapter that was supplied, of course this isn’t technically part of the actual product, but if they are selling it to the UK then it really needs to come with a quality adapter that does the job. The adapter supplied was for a 2 prong US plug and also as a shaver adapter and the Power Supply just didn’t fit securely into the adapter, resulting in the mat constantly losing power. However a quick visit to ebay for a quality (specific for the job) adapter and all was good. Im now using the Powermat as my sole charging device and overall Im very pleased with it. I keep the mat on my desk next to my PC and stick my iPhone on it when I get home in the evenings and can use it freely when needed and then just pop it back on the mat without messing around taking the cable in and out. I also find it charges just as quick if not quicker than my USB cable did. So if you are looking for a simple effective wireless charging solution or even just a quality case with wireless charging as an added bonus then I would happily recommend the Powermat iPhone Bundle. You can get the iPhone 3G/3GS bundle at the official Powermat site for a reasonable $49.99 (around £30.00).

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