PDF Reader Pro App Review

For anyone who wants to read, view, download, edit or create PDFs, PDF Reader Pro is an excellent application for IOS devices. Its connectivity includes WiFi and direct iCloud access making files easy to reach. Features for ease of use include the ability to email and zip PDFs in the app. Excellent for sending reduced sized files without using up too much data.

Creating PDFs is simple. You are able to import files from iCloud, photo albums or scan text or images straight from the camera into the application. The app is versatile and great for business as well as personal purposes.

The Private folder has a password facility meaning that files and folders can be kept secure and private. This means professional people who carry around confidential information can keep PDF documents safe.

There is a wide range of editing tools on the app. The freehand tool allows you to annotate and highlight, and you are able to edit the actual look of the document as well including brightness, colour, black and white and sharpness.

The in-app browser is very good and downloading single page files is simple and straightforward. Downloading full documents, however, is more complicated.
Should you get stuck on using this, or any other features, the in-app help pages are excellent and have spot on and clear instructions. This is especially good for people who may feel overwhelmed by the many features offered by this app.

The ability to search in the application is very well done and allows you to search for words and phrases in all files and folders and not just the one that you may be at that time. This ensures finding documents takes as little time as possible.

The design of the app is very clear, well organised and easy to navigate. It has a lovely interface and looks very professional. It takes what could be a rather complicated app and makes it user friendly and non-threatening.

PDFs can be exported and edited in other applications easily and this makes moving files back and forth a simple task. Ease of use and file mobility is top at the list of priorities for this app and this is what makes it an essential for anyone that does business on the go or wants access to their folders easily.

Everything about this app is made so the user can do things with as little hassle as possible. It is optimised for busy people with strict deadlines and as well as delivering exceptional service it looks the part and does not disappoint.

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