Mobile Apps Development with Google Play

How does the Google Apps Store work (for both uploading and downloading apps)? To purchase a paid app, or to download a free one from the Google Apps Store (now Google Play) all you need do is find that app

pdf reader pro

PDF Reader Pro App Review

For anyone who wants to read, view, download, edit or create PDFs, PDF Reader Pro is an excellent application for IOS devices. Its connectivity includes WiFi and direct iCloud access making files easy to reach. Features for ease of use


5 Reasons Why Jail Breaking Your iPhone isn’t Such a Good Idea

So, your friend has jailbroken his iPhone and you want to get it done too. After all, everything he does, you want to do too. But there is something that you need to understand, before you jailbreak your iPhone; things


Top Five iPhone Apps for a Used Car Search

Using mobile technology makes searching for used cars in the UK so much simpler and cost-effective than in days gone by. Use your used car app for iPhone to conduct your test drive preview and save on fuel and temporary


What Can Users expect from iOS 6?

  Last week, during the keynote of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Tim Cook, the CEO of the technology giant announced, amongst other things, the new Apple mobile operating system. iOS 6 will operate across the iPad, iPhone and iPod


The Benefits of a Mobile Experience

With the wonders of new technology, today’s society’s need for instant fixes and convenient short cuts is being satisfied. Since its launch in 2007, Apple’s iphone is a testament to this, achieving overnight and continued success while paving the way


The new iPad vs. the iPad 2 – Which is the iPad for You?

If you’re an Apple fanatic it can be hard to resist immediately upgrading to the latest product: every new Apple product released is faster, slimmer and more beautiful than the last. When the iPad 2 hit the shelves the world

iphone 5

iPhone 5 Specs

The mobile phone manufacturing industry is one of the most intensely competitive of any business sector, with the public demand for new features and innovative tech, coupled with the speed at which the major manufacturers are developing these innovations, ensures


WorldCard HD – An Innvovative Must-have Business App

Keeping track of your business contacts would seem like a daunting task if you are a person like me who meets new customers every day, attends conferences regularly and travels extensively. Biz cards provide you with info that helps in

Skeptical Science

iPhone Apps to Help You Go Green

Going green and thinking about our future is essential these days. With fast depleting forest reserves, increasing carbon emissions and diminishing non-renewable resources, we need to think out of the box to conserve and protect the earth and her diminishing