The Best Games to Play on your iPhone

The world is a changing place where a phone is no longer just for making and receiving calls; it’ an organiser, a watch and, the iPhone in particular, is becoming a great platform for playing games. You can still command

yoga free app

Yoga Free App Review

Whether you are already experienced in the Downward Dog pose or are looking for a new way to keep fit and calm your mind, Yoga Free: 250 Poses & Yoga Classes is the ideal yoga app for iPhone. The best

all-in yoga app

The All In Yoga App

When Im at home, I am very consistent with going to yoga classes at least twice a week. However, Ive been travelling a lot lately. Ive been experimenting with various iPhone apps to help me maintain my routine and stay

storganeyes screenshot

Manage Your Storage Space with Storganeyes

We often want to organize our homes and dump all the useless stuff in the attic, basement and garage. These places are often chaotic and need to be organized. When we need something, we have to search all the boxes,


5 Great Apps for a Music Festival

Many people pride themselves on the amount of festivals theyre able to attend each year and there are many online communities and sites where music-lovers get together and head off to gigs all around the country. In todays technologically-advanced world,


Apple Seeks to Cut its Ties with Google

The thermonuclear war on Android that Steve Jobs had promised before his death is well under way. Apple is currently battling Samsung in a high profile patent dispute in a Californian district court, and Samsung lawyers appear to be making


Mobile Apps Development with Google Play

How does the Google Apps Store work (for both uploading and downloading apps)? To purchase a paid app, or to download a free one from the Google Apps Store (now Google Play) all you need do is find that app

pdf reader pro

PDF Reader Pro App Review

For anyone who wants to read, view, download, edit or create PDFs, PDF Reader Pro is an excellent application for IOS devices. Its connectivity includes WiFi and direct iCloud access making files easy to reach. Features for ease of use


5 Reasons Why Jail Breaking Your iPhone isn’t Such a Good Idea

So, your friend has jailbroken his iPhone and you want to get it done too. After all, everything he does, you want to do too. But there is something that you need to understand, before you jailbreak your iPhone; things


Top Five iPhone Apps for a Used Car Search

Using mobile technology makes searching for used cars in the UK so much simpler and cost-effective than in days gone by. Use your used car app for iPhone to conduct your test drive preview and save on fuel and temporary