Newly Updated iPhone App from thetrainline

The good people at thetrainline recently contacted me with regard to their newly updated iPhone App.

I’ve long been a fan of thetrainline’s iPhone app, not least because it’s free (yes National Rail – I’m looking at you) and we all like free, right?

So what’s new with this latest update? Well as you’d expect you can still search for train times quickly and easily, but in addition to this you can now also buy tickets using your iPhone, and then collect them from any train station. Nice, huh?

Since the launch of the original app last October, more than 800,000 people have downloaded the app; and it has consistently ranked as a top 5 travel app in the iTunes App Store, Plus, in the first week of launch nearly half of all existing users upgraded, and apparently ticket sales via the app are already way ahead of their expectations. Frequent travellers may also decide to sync the iPhone app with their account on thetrainline so they can access journey details for all of their recent bookings via their iPhone.

Richard Rowson, product development director for, said:
“The personalised nature of a phone and the ability to tap into features such as location awareness means that this is now one of the easiest possible ways to buy a train ticket. The app lets you configure your home station, manage favourite journeys, and store your credit/debit card details in your account meaning that you need do little more than tap on “next train home” to buy a train ticket home.”

Plus, there are big plans for the future too – soon thetrainline will be enabling the ability for the ticket to be delivered directly to the phone as a secure barcode, replacing the need for a ticket altogether on some routes.

Additionally, with customers requesting a range of different functions to make rail travel easier, such as an app to wake you up just in time to get off at your stop (42%) – (that totally gets my vote), or an automatic notification so your partner, family or friends know that you are nearly home (30%) – is planning a range of new innovations for future versions of the app that should make your life even easier!*

Click here to download thetrainline iPhone app or visit the Apple Store. Users of the existing iPhone app from thetrainline will of course be automatically notified of the free upgrade.

* questioned 838 customers in May 2010.

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