Mobile Apps Development with Google Play

How does the Google Apps Store work (for both uploading and downloading apps)?

To purchase a paid app, or to download a free one from the Google Apps Store (now Google Play) all you need do is find that app that you want and click the download button. Finding your app is quite easy, as all apps and games are categorised under numerous headings and for their popularity and user and staff ratings. You will be asked to confirm that you are willing to accept the permissions and your app will be downloaded directly to your device. Be sure to check the storage size on your phone to ensure you have enough free space, if your phone only has a small capacity, think about upgrading your phone at

If you are a developer of Android Apps for mobile phones, then Google Play allows you to distribute your apps through 130 countries. If a user wishes to buy your app, he can do so with just two stages, starting the purchase and agreeing to the permissions. They can then download the device directly over the air, or by accessing Play through their computers, which will then purchase and push the apps to their mobile devices.

There are a number of payment methods; the most popular being credit cards, though some users can charge it to their monthly phone bill or their Google Play account. Developers can choose how much to charge for their apps and you can set different prices in different geographical areas. Prices are shown to subscribers in their local currency.

You will need to register for a Google Checkout merchant account and a linked Android Developer Console account. The latter will cost you a one-off account set-up fee of £25. You will need to set up your developer profile which will include your public developer name, contact information, billing information, and a public key for licensing and billing.

Once you have verified your account and paid your fee, you can use the Android Developer Console to upload, test and publish your app on Google Play. Your sales revenue (70% of it) will be credited to your account on a monthly basis.

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