iPhone Lens Enhances iPhone Camera

* This is a guest post by Alia Haley

If you happen to be an iPhone fan who loves photography, here is a great piece of news for you. The market now has a new iPhone lens dial that makes wide angle shooting, fish eye shooting and telephoto shooting a dream come true. Dubbed as the ’spectacles’ for your iPhone, they indeed make it easy to capture a spectacle with your iPhone. Though they are right now available only for the latest models viz. iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, one can never say how they will grow with positive response.

What is so fantastic about these? Does not the iPhone already have a feature for zooming in? Are there not apps available to make fish-eye images? Of course, the features that the lens dial promises are not new. But the quality they bring in is something unheard of till now.

The apps and zoom facility of the iPhone make use of algorithms and digital processing to create the desired effects. These post-processing softwares invariably lead to some loss in quality from the original photographs. But when it comes to these lenses, the story is different. The image is captured in highest quality possible with the desired effects. The same post-processing softwares can now be used to enhance the images. Since the pictures have been taken through a physical lens, they remain more realistic and natural.

This happens because the lens alters the images as we desire before they go and hit the processors built in. With the input quality being high, the output also will naturally be good. From the processors point of view it is like the difference between mending a ruined painting v/s making a painting on a fresh canvas for an artist!

Digital zooming is also a fallacy that people accept due to ignorance. When you zoom in digitally, all that is happening is that the sensor is being made to consider the information only from a percentage of pixels. It is equivalent to cropping an image. On the other hand, the lens offers real zoom. This automatically means greater information capture in the photograph.

The three lenses sit cozily on a light clip-on case which has been made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Also available are two separate tripod mounts to take shots in either a landscape or a portrait orientation. It is very simple to handle them also. All you have to do is gently rotate the dial to get the necessary lens in front of your iPhone’s built-in lens. Point, focus and shoot to see the results yourself.

This lens dial is definitely a great enhancement for the iPhone camera. The quality of pictures goes up several notches. Who knows? A few upgrades and improvements later, the iPhone may be a phone and iCamera rolled into one! One can never discount the possibilities.


About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Ethical hacking attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on wooden headsets.

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