iPhone 5 Specs

The mobile phone manufacturing industry is one of the most intensely competitive of any business sector, with the public demand for new features and innovative tech, coupled with the speed at which the major manufacturers are developing these innovations, ensures that a constant stream of new mobile devices is hitting the shops every year. One of the most popular of all the many latest mobile phone devices currently being produced is the iPhone designed by Apple, and this popularity is saying something in an industry that seems to be practically recession-proof. Apple is currently developing the next version of this device – the iPhone 5 – and already speculation about the specifications for it is feverish.

One of the major rumours concerning the iPhone 5 specifications is that it might have a bigger form factor than previous iPhone models, with many users of the iPhone having raised some concerns about the size of the screen display on the previous models, and it is likely that Apple have taken this into account when designing the iPhone 5 – something certainly indicated by the suggestions of a 4-inch screen size. However it is also possible that they may opt simply to make the screen bigger, while retaining the standard body size – which is perhaps the likelier option as the comfort with which the iPhone sits in the palm of the hand has been a significant selling point.

There is also a great deal of speculation surrounding the processor specifications for the iPhone 5, with suggestions that Apple may be set to raise the bar in terms of tech in this area by equipping the iPhone 5 with a quad-core processor, instead of the dual-core ones most mobiles are currently carrying. This would significantly up the ante in Apple’s ongoing battle with Samsung to develop the best and fastest processors, with the iPhone 4S having been accused of slowness by some users of the phones.

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