How Your iPhone Can Help With Your Business: Top 3 Marketing Apps

Imagine if your iPhone were taken away from you – it’s hard to imagine isn’t it? Not only would you be unable to make any calls or send any texts but, you also wouldn’t be able to check your social media page, or even find out if that train you desperately need to catch is running on time.

Today, we use our smartphones for pretty much everything in our day-to-day lives, and many of us have no clue how we’d cope without them.

But, for many, the technology of mobile phones is far more important than just running social lives – in fact, some rely on them to run businesses. And, if you’re one of these individuals then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

As well as running your business from the palm of your hand, making new clients and keeping track of your employee personnel, smartphones offer one huge advantage to business owners; the ability to manage a business’ marketing wherever your location. What could be more perfect than raising the awareness of your company without being restricted solely to your computer?

Well, if you’re a both a business and iPhone owner, then here 3 top apps that can help with marketing your business:

1. HootSuite (Free)

Can you imagine a time when social media didn’t exist? Nope, neither can I. Today, most of us have it, most of us use it and even if we don’t have a direct personal account, most of us follow it in one way or another.

And, it’s due to this that social media now plays a prominent part in every business’ marketing mix, like this Marketing Agency in Cork – without it, you’re behind the times.

Whether your business has decided to implement Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Google+, or all four for that matter, the HootSuite app allows you to manage every single one of your social media accounts from one easy-to-use dashboard.

It allows businesses to improve their business marketing by efficiently keeping track of all brand mentions, as well being able to effectively measure all campaign results and social media traffic for a particular marketing strategy.

With all your results in one place and easy to manage, it means that time normally spend on managing each individual social account can be better spent on other aspects of marketing your brand or company to the fullest.

2. Klout (Free)

So, by downloading HootSuite, you’ve got the management of your social media marketing covered, but how about actually measuring them to see the impact they’re having?

Well, enter Klout to the rescue.

This app allows you to measure, analyse and score the social media influence a particular campaign of yours is having, by analyzing your social network relative to 100 million others. Through this, Klout measures the size of your network with the content created, as well as measuring how other users interact with your content. The app then gives you an overall ‘Klout score’ of between 1 and 100 – the higher the score, the bigger your online social media influence is.

3. Stay In Touch (69p)

So, you’ve managed to catch the attention of some new clients and customers, but, now you’ve got to master one of the most important factors of the marketing mix; keeping them.  After all, how else are you going encourage repeat business and help to see an overall improvement in long-term sales if you don’t look after those who first invested in your product?

Originally designed to keep in contact with friends, the Stay In Touch app can work just as effectively when it comes to keeping in contact with your business friends.

It allows you to set reminders to follow-up contact with your existing customers either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even in 3 to 6 months time. Simply choose the reminder time, and the app will send you a prompt to call, text or email that particular contact – you’ll never forget about any of your clients ever again!

This article was written by Ella Mason, an experienced freelance writer. Ella specialises in providing engaging technology information to other users and businesses. 

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