Cut the Rope Holiday Gift

Chillingo, the creators of Cut the Rope have released a Christmas edition called Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift. The new version contains much of the same seriously addictive puzzle solving fun that has made the original such a huge hit.

As you would expect the new version contains a number of Christmas themed levels to navigate through. There are 25 new levels in total which depending on your skill level may last you a few hours or a few weeks.

The game plays as the original does where you have to use the various ropes, air blowers and balloons to guide the sweet into the waiting monsters mouth. There are a few new things to keep you entertained apart from the festive backgrounds and Jingly background music, one of which is the inclusion of teleporting Christmas stockings in which the sweet enters into one and comes out the other. The app comes as a standalone so you dont need to own the original Cut the Rope to play this one (although if you dont own it then you really need to get it!). The best thing about the game though is the fact that its completely free to download!

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

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