Cool iPhone Skins

Searching for the best iPhone skins can be a daunting task with so many options out there. It is generally accepted that iPhone skins are vital for protection and customization, but there are so many different types, textures and styles so it’s worth knowing what is available. One of the best things about a cool iPhone skin is that it makes your iPhone unique to you, and it stands out from all the others. If you really want to go all out, and you have money to spare – then you can spend money on a luxury skin. These can come with crystals or gold studs or even diamonds on the back.

This of course is not for everyone and is fairly extreme. There are plenty of cool iPhone skins available for a reasonable price that are just as unique – however it is worth bearing in mind that whilst a diamond studded case is excessive, the cheapest skins are also not a good idea; they can wear down easily and may last only a short time.

A popular style of iPhone skin is a crystal coloured case – it looks sleek and classy, and scratches don’t show up as easily as on other skins. If you want something less neutral then there are lots of more vibrant colours available to make yours stand out from everyone else’s.

To find the best iPhone skin protection wise you want to pay attention to the material used, the colour is not the most important thing. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) tends to be the leading material for iPhone skins. It’s wearable, it doesn’t break when you twist it and its hard to rip. This means that you can shell out a bit more on a more expensive skin which will last rather than buying endless cheap ones. It’s worth buying an iPhone screen protector to protect the actual screen as well, as even the best iPhone skins tend to avoid the screen completely. There are all sorts of iPhone skins available, ranging from those which are more expensive than the phone itself, to cheaper but equally eye-catching, unique skins. Remember to check that your skin fits the model you own.

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