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Make Your Own Quiz App iOS Review

  If you have ever wanted to know how to build your own app then Make Your Own Quiz App is tailor made just for you. Hermon Apps and iPhoneGlance have got together to produce an app that will teach


The 3 Best Money Saving Apps

  It doesn’t take a genius to know that life can be expensive. No matter what you do, every month just seems to feel like an ongoing money battle. As soon as that shiny hard-earned cash reaches your bank account,


How Your iPhone Can Help With Your Business: Top 3 Marketing Apps

Imagine if your iPhone were taken away from you – it’s hard to imagine isn’t it? Not only would you be unable to make any calls or send any texts but, you also wouldn’t be able to check your social


Top 5 Free Music Apps

Our smartphones are powerful entities. Not only do they hold the ability to store all of our contacts and messages, they also have the capability to tell us if our train is running on time, find the nearest ATM and


The Best Games to Play on your iPhone

The world is a changing place where a phone is no longer just for making and receiving calls; it’ an organiser, a watch and, the iPhone in particular, is becoming a great platform for playing games. You can still command