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Top five most useful apps for students

Technology has had a huge impact on student life, and access to many materials for study is now available via the internet and not just from the university or college library. Books now come in electronic format as well as


Your iPhone: The Perfect SEO Analytics Accomplice

If you work in the world digital marketing and SEO, then it’s pretty likely that you’ll rely on your iPhone much more than the average user. Why? Well, because without those little tools of the Internet and social media, you’d


Stretch Your Christmas Budget Responsibly With a Little Tech Help

As the Christmas holiday period draws ever near, many Britons worry that they will struggle to make ends meet and find enough money in the bank account to cover that never ending list of presents. Since it is better to


Make Your Own Quiz App iOS Review

  If you have ever wanted to know how to build your own app then Make Your Own Quiz App is tailor made just for you. Hermon Apps and iPhoneGlance have got together to produce an app that will teach


The 3 Best Money Saving Apps

  It doesn’t take a genius to know that life can be expensive. No matter what you do, every month just seems to feel like an ongoing money battle. As soon as that shiny hard-earned cash reaches your bank account,