5 of the best social media Apps for your iPhone

If you’ve got an iPhone then the chances are that you bought the Apple device partly in order to exploit the full-on potential of its social networking possibilities. After all, we’re all doing much more of our computing on the move, and the iPhone provides you with everything needed to stay in touch, both on a personal and professional level.

However, with so many different apps on the market then it’s fair to say that iPhone owners, or in fact mobile device owners in general, all have their own ideas about which are the top choice for getting the job done best of all. But if you’re on the lookout for some quick and easy social networking solutions, then the following five apps make a very good place to start.

What’s more, the great thing about these is that you don’t need to spend any money to enjoy them, so with a quick and instant download you can be up and running in a mere matter of minutes. What could be easier?


So, if you fancy dabbling in the world of blogging then one of the first apps you should get your hands on is WordPress. This is an app version of the popular desktop software and the compressed interface works great on the iPhone. It’s got a whole host of powerful tools and options at your fingertips, while the added bonus is that it’s really easy to use.


Everyone knows about the appeal of Twitter with its short and to the point messaging format used for Tweeting. Get the app version for your iPhone and you can effectively Tweet from anywhere, while the interface is about is quick and simple as you could want. Thanks to the ability for adding images and video clips on the iPhone, you know have an effective communications workshop at your disposal.


If you’re a professional who wants to increase your profile then using LinkedIn is almost obligatory. This option gives you plenty of ways for advertising your skills and updates can be carried out with ease via the iPhone. Although there are many different software tools for networking these days, the LinkedIn network has to be one of the largest and most effective for getting the job.

Adobe Photoshop Express

With so many of us also wanting to post image updates while we move around and then upload them to social networks including Facebook and Twitter then it makes good sense to arm yourself with an appropriate image editor. Again, there are numerous options when it comes to apps, but the Photoshop Express software from Adobe delivers a neat little suite of the must-have image–editing tools.


And what iPhone would be complete without the Facebook app, which as everyone knows has become the leading social networking outlet worldwide. The software works a real treat on the Apple handset and offers all of the user tools that you’ll ever need, allowing instant updates to be carried out, no matter what the location.

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