Best iPhone Travel Apps

iPhone travel apps are fast becoming the most popular type of app. Almost everyone has a use for them, whether you’re a sportsman, a tourist or a hiker. Travel apps can help you out with unlimited and quick information, or organise everything you need for your travel. This article will cover some of the best iPhone travel apps so that when you travel your iPhone can provide everything you need.

The first travel app is called TripIt and is free. This nifty little app can organise and store your holiday and trip information so that you can access all that you need. It stores your TripIt itineraries so that you can access them on the road, on the aeroplane, online or offline. This makes it one of the best iPhone travel apps out there as not only is it free, but you can use it wherever you are – and it can be quite the lifesaver when you’re in the middle of nowhere and you forget where your hotel is.

Wikipanion is another great travel app that can help you out when you need it. Its an iPhone app used for browsing Wikipedia – however because you don’t have to deal with slow 3rd party servers, it makes browsing a lot quicker and easier. This means that you have instant access to limitless knowledge from the biggest source of information on the Internet – perfect for travelling.

The last iPhone app – but still however one of the best – is called ZAGAT. Finding restaurants to your taste could not be easier with this app, and you can do it in style as well as that because it locates restaurants according to your location. Perhaps not the most vital application, but it’s worth getting if you have a bit of money to spare and you’re someone who likes to do things with a bit of style.

TripIt, Wikipanion and ZAGAT are just three travel apps, however they are three of the best iPhone travel apps and will certainly help you on your travels, wherever you get to.

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