Apples iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: Is It worth the Upgrade?

Now that the initial dust has settled from Apples September introduction of the iPhone 5, both experts and users are forming more educated opinions on whether the iPhone 5 is a worthwhile successor to the iPhone 4S, Apples entrance into mobile phone technology arena in 2011, both can be found at the Carphone Warehouse.

Three Common Consideration Points

While the upgrade question has been discussed since Apples development hit rumour mills, most iOS fans and industry experts consider three primary factors beyond user satisfaction with the iPhone 4S: Functionality, optical features and size compose the top triad.

Functionality points must be awarded to the iPhone 5. Its faster speed, greater connectivity options and greater RAM capacity all earn major points over last years model. Technically, the iPhone 4S has a faster processor at 1.6 GHz over iPhone 5s 1.2 GHz, but iPhone 5s 1 GB RAM leaves the iPhone 4S 512 MB in the loading time dust. Much of the iPhone 5s credit lies at the feet of the A6 processor, versus the A5 chipset used previously.


The iPhone 5s larger design enables a full 4-inch screen that matches pixel density of the iPhone 4S at 326 pixels per inch or ppi. The greater real estate Apples current model     claims presents far better resolution over last years handset with clarity that iOS fans had only dreamed of before. Its larger diameter makes gaming, streaming and surfing just that much more convenient over the 4S model.

The iPhone 5, as stated above, offers a 4-inch screen, larger than the iPhone 4S 3.5 inches. The larger screen means a larger body. Most people think the larger something is, the more awkward and bulky it is. The iPhone 5 completely belies that sentiment. It is larger, to be sure, but it is thinner and lighter than the 4S model at only 112 grams versus 140 grams: The iPhone 4S feels almost like a brick in comparison to the iPhone 5. Apple continued tradition with curved edges that avoid uncomfortable grips and avoids bruising, poking and tearing.


To be fair, drawbacks to the iPhone 5, such as the slow-loading and sometimes inaccurate Apple Maps of the iPhone 5 might seem occasionally irritating, but with the iPhone 5 far outpacing its recent ancestors in function smoothness, speed and clarity of resolution, the larger, more comfortable screen that has led headline parades for many months seems almost an afterthought. Is the Apple iPhone 5 worth an upgrade over the iPhone 4S from only a year ago? For the 10-million-plus users who have purchased the handset, the answer is resoundingly positive.



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