Apple iPhone 5 To Come With 4-Inch Screen And Improved Battery

Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected to be released this summer (most likely, in June), but instead of any kind of official info about it, the headlines are full of different rumors. The latest rumors say the new iPhone will have a big screen of 4+ inches and a bigger battery.

Big screens are among the main trends in the current mobile world, and all the best phones (including the older best-sellers like the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the newer HTC One X and even the Sony Xperia S) are armed with at least 4.3-inch displays, while Apple for a long time continued to stick with its good-old 3.5-inch screen. Of course, that Retina display is of really good quality and provides very high pixel density (the highest ever up to now, though there are rumors that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 will beat it), but still, according to a number of surveys, people prefer bigger screens, and Apple has to admit it and build its iPhone 5 accordingly.

When the rumor about the possible bigger screen for the upcoming iPhone spread, some geeks said that Apple fans prefer 3.5-inch screens and they won’t buy bigger iPhones. Actually, the truth is that people buy iPhones because they want to buy iPhones, and it has nothing to do with display sizes. Most likely, many Apple fans will really like the new iPhone 4S to come with a bigger screen: right now, the most preferred screen size seems to be 4 inches, while many people think a 4.3- or 4.5-inch screen would probably be too big.

Of course, if Apples makes the iPhone 5 with a bigger screen, a better battery will be required, too – the 1432mAh one of the iPhone 4S won’t be enough anymore. Most modern phones are now coming with 1800-2000mAh batteries, so perhaps the iPhone 5 will have a similar one.

As for the other possible specs of Apple’s upcoming flagship, they say it will be armed with A5X chip and 4G LTE. But again, these are just rumors, and we hope they’ll be confirmed very soon in some official announcement.

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