5 Great Apps for a Music Festival

Many people pride themselves on the amount of festivals theyre able to attend each year and there are many online communities and sites where music-lovers get together and head off to gigs all around the country. In todays technologically-advanced world, music festivals and those who actively attend them have become a top-consuming market for iPod and iPhone apps and here are five great apps which any avid festival-goer should look at purchasing:


Probably the best way to access millions of tracks by a huge variety of artists, Spotify is the perfect way to catch up on all kinds of music beforehand or even to get into a completely different band that you previously knew very little about. Youre able to create your own playlists, view others playlists, and view similar bands to your own preferences. With a premium account you can even listen to your music whilst off line, making it even more attractive.


One thing you can be sure on is that there are going to be crowds of people around you at any festival you attend. If youre travelling with a few people or even a whole group, its a good idea to sort out a way to keep track of each other.Glympse is a free app which lets you share your real-time location with friends and family you are linked with ensuring that no one will get lost in the masses. Another bonus is that it places a great deal of emphasis on privacy ensuring that only those you select and link with can see your specific location at any time.


Almost an add-on from the Glympse app, the TentFinder app does exactly what it says on the tin. Using a GPS system, you are able to stamp your selected location, such as your tent, and easily navigate your way back home in the early hours thanks to this efficient little application. It also allows the user to upload a photograph of the location for added aid or in case the stamped location isnt incredibly coherent, dotted in around the thousands of other tents. With compasses, directional lines and a attached torch, this app is wonderfully thoughtful and practical.


A very handy service, Shazam allows the user to record a 10-second snippet of various songs and melodies being played and then returns all the vital information one may need on the specific song. A great way to get to grips with music youre unfamiliar with and the app, using a high-quality algorithm which should yield accurate results, is a cute addition to your iPhone/iPad service which will ensure you fit in with the singing masses around you.


MoshCam is a highly interactive app which features hundreds of videos, live-concert streams, interviews and behind-the-scenes features for app-owners; its free to download and is endlessly entertaining, combining the best of each gig into one neat video. Its a great way to get into the mood or even to reminisce about a specific concert or festival. Once downloaded, the app offers new users five free videos as a welcome gift and then its payment-enabled from then on. Prices arent too steep and reflect current iTunes pricing and include many vibrant features for the ultimate fan.

Five great apps, all enabling music-lovers to have the time of their lives as they party and mosh into the night to some of the best live-music available. There are many more out there and its important to do thorough research, but with the five mentioned apps, your festival experience will undoubtedly be improved.

Guest post provided by Will Kerr. Will writes about a huge range of topics, generally related to either music or having fun on a budget, areas of expertise that stand him in good stead as a contributor to http://www.studentreps.org.uk/.

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